Children's Medical Center Ministry


CMC at Augusta University Health

God has truly blessed Sweeetwater Baptist Church by allowing us to be a blessing to those with children who are hospitalized for illnesses or injuries. Out of a personal experience long ago, I realized the sufferings of families with hospitalized children. . . being taxed with mounting hospital bills, travel expenses, etc., there was not much left for food.

I have memories of young couples having babies with heart defects and being hospitalized for weeks and months at a time; others who were flown in from other states or had to drive from many hours away to get the medical care their child desperately needed, and the haunting memory of the family who had to leave mom at home in another state to maintain the job needed for insurance while dad brought their young daughter to the CMC for a medical diagnosis and treatment. Each of these instances, and many others similar, included these families having to make the trip on a moment’s notice . . . not able to consider all their needs beforehand—food!

After experiencing this first-hand, God laid it upon my heart to act. Approaching my home church, Sweetwater Baptist here in North Augusta, SC, I was allowed the funds and opportunity in 2001 to begin a single food closet for these families onsite at the CMC. Today, I’m happy to declare that God brought forth a wonderful group of Jesus-loving volunteers who help maintain five food and/or snack closets onsite at the CMC located from the 5th floor to the Ambulatory Care Center supporting children’s clinics.

On the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month, the CMC Ministry Team gathers to place Scripture labels on each item of food delivered. We’ve learned from the nurses that the children claim the Word of God by removing these labels from the foods they receive and sticking them to either themselves, or to an item they own for long-term reading. We are thrilled to know that God’s Word is bringing strength, comfort, and hope to many families with little of either.

During the 3rd or 4th week of each month, two members from the CMC Ministry Team deliver the foods restocking each closet.

If you have been searching for an area of service, look no more! We would be happy to have you join us in fulfilling God’s will in feeding those enduring a trying time in their lives — having a child hospitalized for illness or injury — with little to no means of feeding themselves. Please contact Shirley McBride for more information on how to join this ministry team.